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It's time to take your skills to the miniature ballpark. With Next Level Miniature Baseball, you'll experience pitching, batting, throwing, base running, homeruns and more like no other miniature game before.  This is the new cutting edge baseball game designed to give the best simulation of a small scale variation. Like our other games, this can be used as a nice display to add to your gaming room, or it may also serve as a live visual teaching reference for young baseball players.    


The action takes place on a 36" x 36" neoprene game mat. This material is wash friendly. You will need a table that is at least 36" x 36" such as a folding card table.

This game features state of the art 3d printed figures.


This game comes with (2) team decal sets only. Send a message via website after your order, to request two teams and one uniform for each team. 

***All orders ship out within 7- 14 days.***

GAME SET $189.99

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